While facing problems during a summer project

Typically, you have 8-12 weeks’ time for doing the project. This is the time frame given by the institutes. If you land up with something that doesn’t seem to be going for you, look out for another project where you can do some meaningful work. This will help you in enhancing your learning.

Again personal contacts, alumni and professional pitch to the organizations can help you get that; however, not at the cost of upsetting your organization.

What if you are not able to make any headway in your project?

  • Go back to your mentor/guide for the project – ask relevant questions.
  • Speak to your peers who might be doing similar projects.
  • Speak to your alumni who are working in the same area.
  • It makes sense to even go back to the faculty at the institute to seek guidance on the subject.

If you have done your summer training in the field of marketing, can you actually get a job in finance?

Well, summer training is just a two-month stop-over in your career. Therefore, saying that if you have done your summer training in one specialization area, you can’t look out for job in other specialization domains, is completely wrong. One can land up with a marketing project even if one is more interested in finance depending on opportunities available on campus, dearth of quality projects in your chosen area of specialization. There could be many reasons for this, and at the end of the day, it is only a two-month project before the start of your career. However, you should be prepared with a convincing answer on the reason for switch from one area to another. The reasons could vary from interest to opportunity available to realization. Whatever you say, be sure and convincing.

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