Introduction to Summer Projects

So its summer project time. A time when, dream projects become the buzz on campus. It’s like the first rain after sweltering summer, the first sign of light after a night’s darkness.

Summer Training is the first brush of an MBA with the corporate world. It is an integral component of MBA curriculum at all business schools which has been effectively grooming future managers.

The objective of summer training from academic learning point of view is to provide an interaction with real world and understand the problems, issues and challenges being faced by corporate world, and to give an opportunity to the student to apply the learning at campus. This is the time when we get an opportunity that tell us where do we stand when it comes to a fast moving corporate world.

During the summer project, the trainee is expected to work on live projects and work out a feasible solution for the same.

Summer projects in one way or the other helps you gain confidence and prepares you for corporate world that is eagerly waiting for smart and energetic intelligent professionals.

For trainees, it is an opportunity to understand what are the various fucctions in an organization and at broader level, understanding and experiencing what to expect after joining the corporate world. Summer project should be taken as an

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