What’s Important for a Summer Project

The summer training interview can be as demanding as the final placement if the organization is serious about the project work. Therefore, it’s advisable to leave nothing to chance.

Stipend or No Stipend

Most organizations pay stipend for summer training and also bear the expenses borne while doing the project. Certain organizations might pay less while certain organizations pay more. This will depend on the organization policy. However, payment is not the right yard-stick to judge whether the project is worthwhile or not.

Look many times you are not paid but still you get a good project to handle. Make a wise choice among the projects you plan to take. Our personal opinion is giving a good project much value than the money associated.

Project Vs. Brand Name

What is more important – the project or the organization?

The vote goes in favour of the project. If the project is done well, it can be a very strong learning platform for you. It does not matter whether the organization has small brand name or a big banner. A good summer project which is relevant to the industry and contributes to the body of knowledge can be a strong selling and talking point during final placements.

  • Its true that a good well-known brand will add some additional feathers to your hat but don

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