Who needs copywriters

The market is vast. Every business, small and large, has to promote itself. Every company needs leaflets or direct mail letters. And every new product needs a pack that will entice us to buy it.

These days all organizations need to communicate. That includes hospitals, local authorities and charities. So the opportunities for the copywriter are infinite.

Because organizations constantly alter, their literature and ads need regularly changing, too. That keeps copywriters busy!

A copywriter performs a highly responsible role of fully understanding the marketing strategy and integrating it, through creative strategy, in the copy. Copywriting skills require command over language and an intellectual and creative mentality.

It may also be necessary, at times, to assume the role of a salesman, for instance to understand the marketing perspective from the advertisers angle as well as from the audience point of view. 

A copywriter works in the creative department along with the art director. It is the job of this department to generate alternative advertising ideas and ultimately pick one or a few that will go forward into production.  A copywriter has the responsibility of creating the advertising while as the art director has to introduce illustration and pictoral materials. These two people are generally under the supervision of the Creative Director and as team is responsible to make a campaign.

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