What is Copywriting

Introduction to Copywriting

An advertisement is a stimulus. It must break through consumers’ physiological screens to create the kind of attention that leads to perception.

The final form in which advertising appears perhaps conceals as much as it reveals, unless advertising is superficial and shallow. The creative team has the critical responsibility of not missing out on the substance and yet making the advertising appealing and credible.

What is Copywriting?


Copywriting is a specialized form of communicating ideas that are meant to serve the requirements of modern marketing. It helps in establishing links between advertisers and their prospects. It may also be used to promote the acceptance of an idea, as in the case of non-commercial advertising. It utilizes words to convey messages having commercial, informative or persuasive value through various media and its success is indicated by the acceptance by the audience of the idea or claims made for goods or services. The results come from what words convey in terms of benefits and satisfaction.

Meaning (Copywriting):

Copywriting is essentially selling with words. Copywriting is using words to convince readers they will benefit by using a certain product or service and then motivating them to take action (buy).

Copywriting is the words used in advertisements, TV commercials, and brochures. Whenever a business promotes itself (through a press release, a leaflet or a newsletter), it needs a copywriter. That’s why copywriting is everywhere – on big posters, local newspaper ads, and every slogan. And when you put a postcard in a newsagent’s window, to sell your old hi-fi, you’re using copywriting again.

Copywriting is probably the most creative and demanding branch of writing. You start with a blank sheet of paper. You may have only a couple of days to meet the client’s deadline. And your work could be read by millions of people.

What Copywriting isn’t!

Copywriting is different from copyright. Copyright is about owning the rights to a book, play or picture while copywriting is writing of an advertisement for television, radio, posters, billboards, leaflets, pamphlets, etc.

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