Tools used in sales force promotions

Here are many tools that are used in order to facilitate sales force promotion effectively. It is one of the most important part of trade promotion activities followed by various companies.

There are tools like Sales Meetings,  Sales manuals , sales contests, incentives and many more. It’s better to have tools that are interactive in nature as they help enhancing proper sales force promotion.


Tools used in sales force promotions

Sales meetings

Sales meetings are generally organized for sales people form one area, region or district more frequently, usually once a month, once in two months, or quarterly. These meetings bring together sales people from different territories of the nation and are considered a popular way of educating sales people. There is a varying mixture of business and pleasure.

Sales Manuals

Training materials such as manuals, visual aids, flip charts, programmes, learning books are most useful to sales people. Sales manual may be long or short depending upon the type of the products manufactured and sold by the company. The sales manuals usually contain product details, applications, manufacturing processes, prices, sales techniques etc.  Some companies also have house journals that reports about the company programmes, new products, research activities, new polices, awards, promotions, etc.

Other tools include Training, Sales contests, Incentives, Awards and prizes and also Premiums (gifts).

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