PR Process – Public Realtions

Establishing an public relations program on behalf of a business or industry, or a professional group, involves a series of steps that, although subject to some variation in differing situations, generally will include.

Public relations activity has seven steps:


1. Analysis of the situation

2. Definition of problem areas

3. Identification of pertinent publics

4. Establishment of specific objectives

5. Planning of program

6. Implementation of program

7. Periodic evaluations of progress


Analysis of the situation calls for broad study of all aspects of the business that affect the publics. The starting point will be the people in the business or industry (particularly those who are active in the company, such as board members, appropriate committee chairman and members, and so on) who appear to have awareness of the public relations situation. The public relations person will begin by interviewing such people; from them he or she will go to people outside the business but in a position to observe it more closely than the average layman (these may include editors of trade publications, officials of chambers of commerce and better business bureaus, government officials concerned with the regulations of the business or profession.

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