Tips for Group Discussion DOs and Donts

Here are few GD tips that may help you

Group strength is usually 8 to 12 members
When the group discussion topic is given if you do not hear proper , just request to repeat the topic do not show surprises


Definition of communication skills:

Correctly saying what you want to say- speaking effectively and efficiently is very important.

General Principles

  • Be a good listener
  • Do not use high vocabulary
  • Never use technical language while speaking
  • Not knowing is not a problem , do not try to bluff
  • Things to avoid
  • Do not criticize on religion
  • Do not get personal with anyone  
  • Do not criticize foreign policy of India  
  • Never ever try to bluff

Who is the leader?

  • Who gives directions to group
  • One who is ” mostly spoken to ”

Impartial and rational ( unemotional)


Argument  is – exchange of ignorance

Discussion is – exchange of knowledge

Important points

Never argue with fool – people may not know the difference.

Rational thinking -balance approach ,who is not carried out by emotions
listen to others , take hints and use them to further contribution to the group knowledge

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