Different Group Discussion Topics

Topics that are given in a GD might just be out of the world too. You might sit and wonder how can this be a topic? for example:


  • Should you break an egg at the smaller end or at the larger end?
  • Why do Cranes stand on one leg only in water?

  • Why should we have 30 days and 31 alternatively in the months of the year, why couldn’t we have had 30 days in the first 6 months and 31 days in the next 6 months?
  • Would you prefer eating Lion or a Gorilla? Why?

But still, all these topics make you think out of the box and they prompt you to think differently. This situation is very much similar to your work place, you got to present an idea and for that you may have to think so differently. By simulating such situation panel gets to know your thought process.

Other topics that can be given in general are: 

  • Are arranged marriages better or love marriages?
  • Should India go for Privatisation of all the sectors?
  • Should students be allowed to carry mobiles in schools, colleges and universities?
  • Discus on alphabet “M”.

Many topics like the above are possible to be given in a Group Discussion by the Recruiter.

Usually, during the discussion, the Recruiter doesn’t interfere, unless the discussion goes completely beyond track and /or it becomes a fish market with every member shouting at the pitch of his or her voice, in an attempt to ensure being heard.

At the end of the time allotted for discussion, the Recruiter would normally expect the group to summarize their discussion and arrive at a conclusion. This does not mean that all the members of the group should arrive at a consensus; there can be difference of opinions, depending on the topic.

When the allotted time is over, the Recruiter would ask the group to end their discussion, if they have not yet done so. And then, either immediately, or within a few moments, the participants would be informed of those who have qualified.

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