Strategic intent

Strategic intent

Strategic intent is a high-level statement of the means by which your organization will achieve its vision. It is a statement of design for creating a desirable future (stated in present terms). Putting it simple, a strategic intent is your company’s vision of what it wants to achieve in the long term.

In complex science terms, strategic intent is decomposition of exploration rules into the next level of detail, the linkages to the exploration rules and the transition rules that define how it will migrate from its current design and ecosystem to a future business design and ecosystem.Purpose of Strategic Intent. The logic, uniqueness and discovery that make your strategic intent come to life are vitally important for employees,they have to understand, believe and live according to it.

Strategy should be a stretch exercise, not a fit exercise. Expression of strategic intent is to help individuals and organizations share the common intention to survive and continue or extend themselves through time and space.

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