Poonam Pandey A Growing Sexy Brand

Brand Poonam Pandey
Brand Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey is a model known for doing some of the sexiest poses and shots in the Bollywood genre. She is a dark haired, dark skinned beauty who charms with her modeling. Poonam Pandey is well known for her promise to pose naked during the Cricket World Cup after India had won it. After she did these poses, she became famous almost instantly. Poonam Pandey is a unique actress and model in the sense that she doesn’t mind taking her clothes off and talking about it. She enjoys teasing and entertaining her male fans and wants to continue doing so. She has gained many fans and followers since her fame took off after the World Cup Cricket event, her Facebook and Twitter accounts have massive amounts of followers.

Previous to this she used to be a model for kingfisher calendars in 2011. She shot 27 calendars for that year and got Kingfisher Calendar Girl for 2011. Poonam Pandey was born on March 11th, 1991 in Mumbai, India. She is 5’7” and has a lean tall frame. She is currently growing her brand by opting into doing Bollywood movies. She amazed people with her beauty and talent and was the first Kingfisher Calendar Girl to pose nude for a magazine. She was also one of the top eight finalists in “Gladrags 2010” which was another calendar she had posed for. Poonam Pandey was also a contestant on the Fear Factor show in India for their 4th season. Poonam Pandey often uses the social media site Twitter to connect with her fans and even share racy photos. Poonam Pandey has admitted that her family supports her and believes in her choices and decisions.

Satish Reddy is the man behind the Poonam Pandey brand and her Bollywood reputation. He is building an empire of her fan base with men who love to see her on paper and on the big screen. This brand will most likely get larger as time goes by. Satish Reddy has recognized Poonam Pandey‘s potential and has thrust her into the Bollywood spotlight to see her shine. Then, after a racey bath time confession, Poonam Pandey‘s popularity sky rocketed. Her video had a million views within 7 days, and she promised her fans that this was just the beginning. She revealed how she bathes herself and let viewers in on the secrets of what goes on behind closed doors. Poonam Pandey has confessed that she likes the male attention she gets from doing this. Poonam Pandey is not just stopping at acting and modeling though, she also recently launched a new gaming device called the Parrot A.R.Drone 2.0 at a gadget show in Mumbai, India. She admits that she enjoys playing games and surfing the internet, and has since she was a child.

Her recent brush with fame didn’t come without scrutiny though, after the Cricket World Cup she was slammed for using it as a publicity stunt. She was called a liar and even a fake. It was said that her photos were often photo shopped and altered to look better. Although making a brand out of stripping is no easy feat, Poonam Pandey is doing surprisingly well and staying afloat. Poonam Pandey accepted a role in the Bollywood movie “Nasha” which will be a career maker for her, as she is trying to become an actress. The movie is said to have very sexy scenes. The first promotional poster that came out for the movie showed Poonam Pandey in a very sensual, sexy pose that got male fans drooling over its release. The young actress revealed that the movie is about a type of addiction that you won’t forget. She has also stated about the Bollywood film, that everyone will be showing some skin and she wants to prove that she can make the transition from model to actress. She will also be cast in Satish Reddy and Haroon Rashid’s movie “The City That Never Sleeps” which is another Bollywood film. Poonam Pandey has said before that she chooses what movies to do based on the scripts. It isn’t anything to do with the nudity or strip scenes, she wants to be the “heart” of the movie, and that starts with a deep and meaningful script.

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