FCB Grid Model to convey communication objectives

“FCB grid,” is suggested by Dave Berger and Richard Vaughn. This model combines high and low involvement, and left and right brain specialization. It shows a visually coherent matrix which has four quadrants with two factors—high and low involvement, and feeling and thinking.

The communication response would certainly be different for high versus low involvement products and those which required mainly thinking (left brain) and feeling (right brain) information processing. To define involvement and think / feel, eight scales are used:

High Involvement:

  • Very important decision
  • Lot to lose if you choose the wrong brand
  • Decision requires lot

Low involvement :

  • Unimportant decision.
  • Little to lose if you choose the wrong brand.
  • Decision requires little thought

Think or rational approach

  • Decision is / is not mainly logical or objective
  • Decision is / is not based mainly on functional facts

Feel or emotional approach

  • Decision is / is not based on a lot of feeling
  • Decision does / does not express one’s personality
  • Decision is / is not based on looks, tastes, touch, smell, or sound (sensory effects)

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