Consumer Advertising – Customer Orientation

These are basically nothing but product or service advertisements directed towards the consumer or the customer as such. Such advertisements can be in the form of national or local advertisements also.

Such kind of advertisements uses emotional or rational appeal in their advertisement.

Advertisements such as that of DeBeers, pizza hut etc use the emotional appeal to attract the consumers. On the other hand advertisements such as the Kawasaki bajaj caliber, Vim Bar etc. use the rational appeal to address its target audience.

The advertisement of DeBeers uses an emotional appeal because the statement “I have my feet firmly planted on the ground except when I’m wearing the millennium diamond” suggests that by wearing them u can fly high in the sky and feel like what Urmila does in the advertisement

Advertising to business or profession

This type of advertising is aimed at resellers and professionals. The media used here is direct mail or professional magazines. These are ads which are not directed towards the final consumers.

Corporate ads are also a part of these types of ads. The target groups of corporate advertising are most often customers, stockholders, employees, financial institutions, political leaders and government. The objectives of the corporate or the institutional ads may be to establish or boost corporate identity and image, counter negative attitudes towards a company, industry or to promote and relate the company to some worthwhile social public interest cause.

The recent Aditya Birla group campaign would fit into this category

Non- product advertising

In this type of advertising advertisements depicting an idea, a social cause etc is included. Surrogate advertisements are also a part of such non- product advertisements.


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