Changing Mass Media & Advertising

Changing Media & Advertising  

The influence of mass-media advertising has dramatically declined. DVDs Blue ray discs allow consumers to watch programs without commercials. The rise in popularity of Satellite dishes means consumers have a wider Varity of viewing choices. Using the remote while watching televising means it is likely that, during most commercials, the viewer is surfing other channels to see what else is on. Many television advertisements are not seen, even by those people watching a particular program. In a recent survey conducted by a well known magazine, only 16 percent of viewers said that they watch commercials during a program. To overcome this problem it is vital to create new innovative communications programs.

Manu firms employ advertising agencies to assist in marketing efforts. Until 1970, almost all advertising agencies focused only on advertising aspect of marketing plans. Now, however many advertising agencies spend substantial amount of time assisting clients in the development of IMC Programs. In addition to advertisements, these agencies design consumer promotion materials and direct marketing programs, along with other marketing tactics.

With time the tools, methods to reach the customer has seen a dramatic shift to a holistic approach to utilize all mediums that a consumer may face today in day to day life. Hence the world has shifted to Globally Integrated Marketing Communication strategy.


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