Difference Between Advertising and Sales Promotion

Advertising and Sales Promotion are different. They have differences in there use and utility. WIll try to explain it with example of  HUTCH (Orange) to facilitate our understanding.



By using a variety of persuasive appeals, it offers reasons to buy a product or service.


Eg: Good Network, Promises and Delivers.

Besides giving reasons in the form of different appeals, they offer incentive to the consumers to buy the product or service now.

For new users, 1HUTCH no is given free for 1 month & sms is free for 3 months.

Appeals are emotional or functional in nature.

Eg: the current ad of “Wherever you go, our network follows”

Appeals are rational


It justifies whatever it says.

Time-frame is long term.

Time frame is short term.

The primary objective is to create an enduring brand image.

To get sales quickly or to induce trial.

Indirect and subtle approach towards persuading customers to buy a product or service.

Direct in approach to induce consumers to buy a product or service immediately by temporarily changing the existing price-value relationship of the product or service.

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