Interview Question -Tell me something about yourself

Question: “Tell me something about yourself?”

This is the first question that can make or break the chance of getting the job. This question conveys a lot to the interviewing panel and many of them take a decision there and then- to accept or to reject.

A better way to answer this question is to describe your education, skills(Proactivity, analytical skills, commitment ) and abilities (Quick learning ability) and how they relate to the particular job. Emphasize the most relevant aspects of your background, experience, accomplishments, and characteristics but in a humble manner.

You may answer- “I am a creative individual who always keeps seeking inputs from environment and surroundings that may help me understand people which in turn helps me in building long term relationship.”

Preparing for the Answer:


Follow the steps outlined below to ensure your response will grab the interviewer’s attention.

  • Start with a brief introduction. Introduce attributes that are key to the open position- this will reflect your abilities which the interviewers are looking for.
  • Provide a career summary of your most recent work history. Your career summary must support your job objective and it must be compelling. Keep your response limited to your current experience. Make sure you don’t go back beyond 8-10 years.
  • Link your response to the needs of the recruiter. Don’t assume that the interviewer will be able to connect all the dots. It is your job as the interviewee to make sure the interviewer understands how your experiences are in line with the position they are seeking to fill.
  • Try to come up with those points that could help you get control over the interview. You may refer some special achievement or some project handled, which may engage interviewer into a conversation and give you an opportunity to apprise him of your achievements and simultaneously alleviate the stress.
  • There you have it – a response that meets the needs of the interviewer AND supports your agenda.

In this way a dry question like “So, tell me something about yourself?  ” can be tamed so as to grab the opportunity to express your strengths and diffusing the stressful environment.    

So, learn this trick and run with it…


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