Media Buying Process

Planning and Buying are two parts of single operations : spending effectively the advertiser’s money. The two cannot in practiced be separate. The former is the strategy formulation while the later talks about the implementation of the plan. The two jobs are often done by different people, though planner-buyer is also found. 


The media person negotiates for advertising time or space, trying to get the most favorable buys in terms of programming or environment and price. He or she is responsible for checking that the advertising runs as planned and bought. A skilled media buyer can save enormous sums by playing one media owner over the other.


Media buying refers to buying time and space in the various selected media.



  • Selection of publication or programmes on Doordarshan, radio or satellite TV.
  • Getting approval from the client regarding the selection of publication / programmes.
  • Inviting press-media representatives or other media representatives from the selected list of media.
  • Finalising package deals far as group publications are concerned. i.e. to obtain concessions in the media charges , if the ad is to run simultaneously in two or three publications of the same group such as Indian Express Group of Publications.
  • Negotiating charges for bleed ads. Normally, publications charge 10% more. Negotiations are in respect of waiving the extra charges.
  • Negotiations may also take place to obtain premium positioning of the ads such as back cover, spread, etc.
  • Non-accredited publications (those which are not recognized by INS) do provide more than 15% commission. Negotiations take place to get more commission from such publications. The benefits of extra commission is passed on by the agency to client (advertiser)
  • Media planning department also hold meetings with the producers of serials on DD, Satellite TV, etc. This enables the agency to get serial /programme sponsored by its client.
  • The media planning department may obtain a final approval from the client.
  • Based on the final approved plan from the media planner, the media operators department books time and space in the media.
  • The media operations department makes all necessary arrangement to supply advertising material such as U-matic tapes, audio cassettes, art work and copy, various media well before the deadline.
  • The billing and checking department checks on monitors the publications/ broadcasting / telecasting of the ad.

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