Agency Business Process



Agency Business Process diagram


A) The client briefs the account management on the brand to be advertised. The brief includes the communication objective, target audience, target markets, media vehicles to be used (Print / TV / Radio / Outdoor, etc) and media budgets.

B) The account management then prepares the creative brief. This brief consists of the brand positioning statement, the communication objective, the target audience, the target markets, competition, creative thought, creative required and deadlines.

C) Simultaneously, account management briefs media planning to prepare a media plan. The plan is based on the media budget, the media vehicles to be used and target audience for the brand.

D) Account management then presents a media and creative strategy presentation to the client. On approval from the client, further action is taken.

E) Based on the approved media plan, the account management team briefs the media buying decision who then begin negotiations with publications / TV channels, make bookings, etc.


F) Simultaneously account management also co-ordinates with the production department to get advertising material ready. Production costs of four departments – art studio, photography, processing, printing and films.


Art Studio – prepares artwork for the print medium


Photography / Processing / Printing – for newspaper / magazine ads the artwork is sent to the processor for advertising material (positives). For brochures / POPs / leaflets, etc. the positives are then sent to the printer for printing.

Films – for TV commercials, the account management co-ordinates with the films department who in turn approaches producers for quotations (usually 3). The client approves one of the quotes and the TV film gets into production. Once the film is ready, release tapes (Beta / u-matic) are then sent to the respective TV channels for the telecast.


G) Simultaneously the production department raises estimates on the jobs that are being carried out, in the case of printing, films & photography the estimates must be approved before the production job starts. In other cases the estimates must be approved within 21 days.

H) Once the advertising material is ready, the account management hands over the material to Initiative media who sends it to the various media.

I) The suppliers then send their bills to the agency’s accounts department who in turn raise the debit notes and hand it to the account management.

Account management then sends the debit notes to the client. The client must clear the bill within the credit period i.e. 21 days from date of bill.


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