Mc Donald’s Marketing Mix – 4Ps of Marketing

Mc Donald’s Marketing Mix - 4Ps
What are Mc Donald’s 4Ps? How do they use emotions to grow their business?

Mc Donald’s Marketing Mix – 4Ps

Product :- McDonald’s places considerable emphasis on developing a menu which customers want. Market research establishes exactly what this is. However, customers’ requirements change over time. In order to meet these changes, McDonald’s has introduced new products and phased out old ones, and will continue to do so.

Price :- The customer’s perception of value is an important determinant of the price charged. Customers draw their own mental picture of what a product is worth. A product is more than a physical item, it also has psychological connotations for the customer. hence it needs a balance between perfect product and apt price.

Promotion :- The promotions aspect of the marketing mix covers all types of marketing communications One of the methods employed is advertising, Advertising is conducted on TV, radio, in cinema, online, using poster sites and in the press for example in newspapers and magazines. Other promotional methods include sales promotions, point of sale display, merchandising, direct mail, loyalty schemes, door drops, etc.

At McDonald’s the prime focus is on targeting children. In happy meals too which are targeted at children small toys are given along with the meal. Having toys as give aways is a effective move as children influence their parents to vist Mc Donald’s and in turn this visit leads to purchase.

Place :- Place, as an element of the marketing mix, is not just about the physical location or distribution points for products. It encompasses the management of a range of processes involved in bringing products to the end consumer. McDonald’s outlets are very evenly spread throughout the cities making them very accessible. Drive in and drive through options make McDonald’s products further convenient to the consumers.

People :-The employees in Mc Donald’s have a standard uniform and Mc Donald’s specially focuses on friendly and prompt service to its customers from their employees.

Process :-The food manufacturing process at Mc Donald’s is completely transparent i.e. the whole process is visible to the customers. We do visit Mc Donald’s often, we suggest you have Mc veggies without Mayo sauce 🙂 It ensures that your burger is fresh and not already made and set.

Physical evidence :- McDonald’s focuses on clean and hygienic interiors of is outlets and at the same time the interiors are attractive and the fast food joint maintains a proper decorum at its joints.

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  1. I just wish they even maintained the quality, so people don’t face trouble. There is absolute no substitute to the quality… today or tomorrow …. rather tomorrow in case of such big brands the compromize will just make them fall flat.

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