Indicators of an under-emphasis on Brand Building

Knowledge of levels of brand awareness is lacking. There is no feel for whether a recognition problem exists among any segment. Knowledge is lacking as to top-of-mind recall that the brand is getting, and how that has been changing.

There is no systematic, reliable, sensitive and valid measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty – nor any diagnostic model that guides an ongoing understanding of why such measures may be changing.

There are no indicators of the brand tied to long-term success of the business that are used to evaluate the brand’s marketing effort.

There is no person in the firm who is charged with protecting the brand equity.

The measures of performance associated with a brand and its mangers are quarterly and yearly. There are no long term objectives that are meaningful.

There is no mechanism to measure and evaluate the impact of elements of marketing program upon the brand. Sales promotions, for example, are selected without determining their associations and considering their impact upon the brand.

There is no long term strategy for the brand. The following questions about the brand environment five or ten years into the future are unanswered, and may not have been addressed: What associations should the brand have? In what product classes should the brand be competing? What mental image should the brand stimulate in the future?

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