Report Writing

Report Writing (Summer Project / Internship during MBA)

The report is actually the most important part of summers. No matter how much hard work you have put in, if the report is not done well, all effort is waste.

Therefore, plan for at least 7-10 days of your training period for preparing the report. Check out the standard formats for report writing.

Make sure that the language of your report is simple it is; organized in a logical fashion and covers the entire scope of the project.

Make use of your marketing learning’s while you are making your summer report. Different theories could be used to have a sound analysis and same can be mentioned in the report.

Every individual has a different way of presenting report. One has to make sure that his report reflects theoretical implementation of marketing principles,Don’t worry even if you are placed for a summer project where you are not able to contribute much with your knowledge. Remember its better to make initiatives and work forward so that your report reflects some thing that is more relevant.

Remember, numbers speak more than the theoretical lines. Try to show what effect your recommendations can make in the organization in terms of numbers. Some thing like this …

“After the analysis of call center activities of my company, I realized that lot of time was wasted. My recommendations will reduce this wastage by 31%.”

Your report should be more graphical. Rather than writing down observations in the form of points, try to make use of graphs. This will depict the results at a glance and have better impact.

Final Tips

  • Plan extensively for summer training in terms of choosing the right organization and right project.
  • Take your summer training seriously. Its your first brush with corporate life.
  • Do not mess with the organization you are working for; who knows it might be your future employer.
  • Use the opportunity to network with experts in the field of study.
  • Try and understand the organization set-up, broad strategy, culture, etc. This will help you in final placements. Prepare a detailed note on the organization.
  • Keep in touch with your mentor/guide.
  • Do not hesitate to ask in case you don't know something, because you are not expected to know everything anyway.
  • A quality project done could be your passport to final placement.
  • Report writing is as critical as doing the project; therefore, plan for at least 7-10 days for giving your report a shape.
  • If your project has relevance to people outside your campus and the organization, sharing a synopsis can be considered, provided it is allowed by your organization.
  • Prepare a comprehensive ready-reckoner on the organization that you worked for during your summer training. This will be important for your job interviews. Do not leave this for the last day before placement week.

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