Things one should know during summer project

While attending a summer interview make sure that your concepts are very clear. Be ready with some very basic questions like..

  • What is marketing? Give me a word-to-word definition given by Philip kotler.
  • What is the difference between marketing and selling?
  • How important is to sell if you want to land up as a marketing manager?
  • Tell me how will you sell a ball point pens “ball”? What’s would be your target audience?
  • What’s STP?
  • Why did u take marketing?
  • You are a BCA, why MBA why not MCA?
  • What is the fun in doing a summer project?
  • Why our company?
  • What are we into?
  • What is a balance sheet?

One needs to understand, at this phase of your 2 year MBA you are not expected to know all the management concepts but you should be strong with your fundaments. Trust me, if you don’t know exactly what’s difference between marketing and selling you are in trouble.

Brush up your conceptual knowledge; we have added a marketing section that has a collection of marketing theories which should be on your tips.

Get online and read about the company before you go for an interview. It’s a personal suggestion; don’t go into every single detail about the company. You are expected to know what the company is into its products and services. What is the market share? Who all are the competitors, etc.

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