Who needs public relations

The diverse institutions and individuals requiring professional Public Relations go beyond the more traditionally defined corporate world. Who are they? And Who are they.


College or University

A public relations expert needs to defuse those crisis situations where student bodies could be in revolt over demands, where there is a change in educational policy, where something could be wrong with the examination papers or simply when, in interaction with State and Central Governments, grants have to be sought or when a college organizes intercollegiate festivals.


Some of the better newspapers have Public Relations Staff quite separate from the advertising department or the marketing people.Times Of India is having lots of articles on the National Readership Survey, because they topped the list.

Non-Profit Body

From the point of view of the organisation, whether it is Rotary, UNICEF, the Red Cross, or any number of charitable and cultural and social service organizations, a Public Relations cell is an integral part of the institution. It has to interact with a number of bodies for its very existence, for the support of its causes, for mis-understandings that can crop-up as; at every stage it is public money at stake.


An aspirant to a political post needs it, so does a person standing for president-ship of a chamber of commerce. So does an actor, a producer or a gallery owner, or a non-resident who is seeking to make a mark in the Indian business circle.Shripad Nadkarni of Coke needed PR as his image was shattered when Sushmita Sen lay allegations on him of sexual harassment. He got the support from his company & Miss sen was shown thumbs down.

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