Advantages of Public Relations – PR

There are many advantages of Public Relations which help business in many ways. They are.


Because PR communications are not perceived in the same light as advertising – that is, the public does not realize the organization either directly or indirectly paid for them – they tend to have more credibility. The fact that the media are not being compensated for providing the information may lead receivers to consider the news more truthful and credible. For example, an article in newspapers or magazines discussing the virtues of aspirin may be perceived very much as more credible than an ad for a particular brand of aspirin.


In both absolute and relative terms, the cost of PR is very low, especially when the possible effects are considered.  While a firm can employ AD agencies and spend millions of dollars on AD, for smaller companies, this form of communication may be the most affordable alternative available.

Avoidance of Clutter

Because they are typically perceived, as news items, PR messages are not subject to the clutter of ads. A story regarding a new product, introduction of break through is treated as a news item and is likely to receive attention.

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Lead Generation

Information about the technological innovations, medical break-throughs and the like results almost immediately in a multitude of inquiries. These inquiries may give the firm some quality sales lead.

Ability to reach specific groups

Because some products appeal to only small market segments, it is not feasible to engage in advertising and / or promotions to reach them. If the firm does not have the financial capabilities, to engage in promotional expenditures, the best way to communicate to these groups is through PR.

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Image Building

Effective PR helps to develop positive image for the organization. A strong image is insurance against later mis-fortunes.

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