Media Analysis of Radio and magazines

This article Compares Radio and Magaziens as media of communication.

 Media Type: Radio

Strengths of Radio as media:

  • Mass use of radio by audience, particularly in cars on the way to work and home. 90% of India has access to Radio which is unmatched by any other media
  • Very effective for reaching the large rural audience.
  • High geographic and demographic reach
  • Targeting is possible through selection of channel and programme
  • Low literacy rates mean that the people hardly read newspapers and radio is the only medium that they can understand. They can’t afford a TV set. Therefore radio is the most popular.

Weaknesses of Radio as a media:

  • Audio communication only
  • Misunderstanding: sometimes there might be a misconception regarding the radio ad as it is only heard.
  • Now you hear it, Now you don’t
  • Lower attention levels than television from the audience
  • RJ needs training: it is very important that the Radio Jockey is trained enough to deliver the ad. Sometimes the voice really matters. If the voice is irritating then there is a chance that the campaign may flop.

Media Type: Magazines

Strengths of Magazines as media:

  • High quality reproduction, of color images
  • Targeting is possible through specialist publications
  • Coffee table effect – advert can be referred back to
  • Good pass on readership
  • Longer life span & reference value
  • Good supplement to TV: magazines reach special target groups which is not possible only through TV ads

Weaknesses of Magazines as a media:

  • Static media, not suitable for product demonstration
  • Control of the positioning of adverts is often under the control of magazine editor, rather than the sponsor
  • Lengthy lead-time between advert being placed and magazine being published

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