Introduction to Media

One of the challenges faced by marketers in markets is inadequate awareness about brands, product and its usage. It is observed that low awareness level leads to

  • High inertia to adopt new products.
  • Reluctance to pay additional premium to pay for national brands.
  • Rampant usage of counterfeit brands.

It is hence necessary to create awareness as well as preference for your brands among your audience. This calls for extensive advertising and mass marketing for attracting and retaining the target markets. An urge to increase the market share and beat the competition is the aim of every company. And all this is possible through advertising.


Effective advertising refers to informing the public about the right product at the right time through the right medium. A right message through the wrong medium at the wrong time would definitely lead to a waste of resources.


To get the most out of the advertising rupees sent, the primary concern of the advertiser is media selection. The cost of buying space or time is weighed against the number of audience secured by such advertising. Media ability covers such qualitative values as audience characteristics, editorial personality, and contribution to advertising effectiveness; above all it refers to “media image” capable of enhancing the perception and communication value of a given message.


Hence, the media plays a very important role in entire process of reaching the target audience and retaining them.

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