Innovative Media aletrnative platforms for advertisers

Innovative media focuses on alternative platforms of   which open up new avenues for advertisers. As technological breakthroughs facilitate better modes of communication, the emergence of new media has enhanced reach on several levels.

The result is new advertising vehicles which are wider in reach, specific in targeting and most of all, lower in cost.

Voice Reach:

Voice Reach advertising is an exciting new medium for advertisers which enables them to broadcast audio messages to a precisely defined target audience. The idea behind this service is simple and powerful. It allows people to communicate with each other within and across cities, at the cost of a local telephone call. How it works is as follows. A person in Mumbai can call up a local number and leave a message for his friend, relative or business associate in Mumbai and Delhi. The system will deliver the message to the recipient’s mailbox or voicebox, which can be accessed by calling a local number in Delhi. Thus, it provides the convenience of listening to a familiar voice, which otherwise is a rare occasion and expensive. It is cheaper than long distance calling, more convenient than e-mail and requires no knowledge of the Internet or PC. To hear/access the messages posted in their inbox, users have to hear a commercial announcement. These announcements are targeted according to the profile submitted by users at the time of registration. This service is not just convenient, but also completely free. Moreover, all the technology required to use this service is a telephone. All these factors promise to make the Voice Reach service immensely popular.


Advertising & Promotions

Voice Reach is undoubtedly an advertising platform with massive potential. As expected, this enormously valuable service is drawing users across all ages, occupations, socio economic classes and geographical areas of India. Advertisers, in effect, not only have an ever-growing user base to target, they also have the advantage of reaching out to their specific target group.

Voice Reach advertising promises:

  • Better one-to-one marketing capabilities than the Internet
  • Guaranteed ad consumption : The advertisement comes before a user hears or sends messages
  • Target-based advertising
  • Interactive Advertising

Commercial announcements are just the beginning of a strong line-up of services which Voice Reach offers.

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