Customised Promotions and Contests

Everybody runs contests. But are these contests really effective? How many people do they reach? How many people respond? How many people actually remember to fill up a postcard, or send a fax (if they can), or remember to send an e-mail.

The fact is – very few do. Geography is no longer a limiting factor, your audience can now be an active part of your contests just by dialing a local number. Make your television programs more interactive, let your viewers talk to you. Your viewers, anywhere in India, can call a local number and leave a message for you.

These messages in turn will be delivered at your doorstep. A very valuable service for any broadcaster on television or radio.Voice Reach, thus, is the perfect medium to carry messages from the viewer to the broadcaster, enabling your audience to enter your contests with a simple phone call.


1)      Customised contests – National Participation through a local calls.

2)     Making TV shows more interactive

3)     Messages transferred over a local telephone could be –

  • Requests
  • Feedback
  • Queries
  • Opinion poll

The Vidiwall:

The Vidiwall is an intensely captivating advertising medium which truly represents the best of today’s technology. The Vidiwall is essentially a mega screen capable of broadcasting high quality audio-visuals, banners, logos & slides of stunning size, resolution and picture quality. Placed at Mumbai’s premier shopping plaza, Crossroads, the Vidiwall is fast being recognized as a medium that grabs attention like nothing else. Vidiwalls, a trademarked Philips solution, have been adapted for dedicated Point-Of-Sale and Point-Of-Information usage. Known to have a tremendous impact on people, the Vidwall is a highly effective tool to maximize brand recall.

The Vidiwall is an exceptional means for advertisers who wish to target Mumbaiites. Crossroads boasts of shopper strength of 10,000-20,000 footfalls per weekday and 32,000-60,000 footfalls per weekend. The minimum cumulative of which is 4,76,000 footfalls per month. The consumer profile of Crossroads’ visitors ranges from SEC A/B/C+ lying in a Catchment area of Colaba to Bandra. Another interesting facet that speaks of the involving effect that the Vidiwall has on Mumbaiites is its arresting nature…the mean for one-time viewers of the Vidiwall is 2.9 mins, whereas, the mean for 2 or more time viewers is 4.3 mins. A clear indicator of its addictive nature.

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