Communication Objective in Advertising

A mediocre advertising message properly directed stands more chance of success than the most professionally developed ad campaign directed at the wrong audience or using unsuitable message appeals.

Advertising creates its most powerful impact when it is used to solve narrowly defined communication objectives.

Advertising communication objectives can be put in a pyramid form. The lower level objectives are awareness, knowledge or comprehension. These are accomplished first. Subsequent objectives may focus on moving prospects to higher levels in the pyramid to elicit desired behavioral responses such as associating feelings with the brand, trial or regular use etc. It is easier to accomplish objectives located at the base of the pyramid than the ones toward the top. The percentage of prospective customers will decline as they move up the pyramid towards more action oriented objectives, such as regular brand use, etc.

Irrespective of the fact whether the brand is new or established, the pyramid can be used to determine appropriate advertising objectives. What is required is to determine where the target audience lies with respect to various levels in the pyramid. If the level of brand awareness or knowledge of its features or benefits is low, the advertising communication should be to increase them. In case the brand liking and preference is low, then the appropriate goal can be to change the target audience’s image of the brand.

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