Sampling Techniques

1.In-store sampling

Lakme has in-store trail products. Since it in the cosmetics market it is very essential to provide samples, many stores in Mumbai from time to time have Lakme sampling offers. Where they allow you to try the product and then buy it.


2.Door-to-Door sampling

Whisper have done door-to-door sampling, sampling through schools, newspapers, etc. even now after so many years of its launch it does sampling because of the new target base that gets added every year.

3.Newspaper sampling

align=”justify”>Again Whisper and Pantene have done sampling through the newspapers.

4. On-package sampling

Fair glow, a lot of free Fairglow soaps were available with many other products, especially other HLL products.

5.Mobile sampling

Many road shows and mobile vans distribute free products or offers.

Free Movie tickets, disco passes, pens…are often distributed.

6.Trial offers

Trial offers have the same goal as sampling – to induce consumer trial use of a brand- but they are used for more expensive items. Exercise equipment, appliances, consumer electronics, etc. the expense to the firm of course can be formidable. Segments chosen for this sales promotion technique must have high sales potential.

Premiums are items offered free or at a reduced price, with, the purchase of another item. Many firms offer a related product free.The main advantage of Premiums is that they offer not only that one product but also another product, which may influence the customer, a lot to buy the product, especially if the other product is worth it.

Also new products are given free with established brands to stimulate trial of the new brand.

Ponds – Buy Ponds cold cream 100ml and get a ponds body lotion 50ml pack free.

Pepsodent toothpaste – buy 100gm and get 4 Clinic Plus sachets free.

Popular advertising specialties are caps, t-shirts, toys, mugs, mouse pads, pens, calendars, etc.

The message gets placed on a useful icon, and is given to the consumers with no obligation.

Pepsodent toothpaste 100gm pack get free dental insurance worth Rs.1000.

Buy a Fairglow fairness cream and get a mirror free. Many other kids products are influence a lot by such specialties especially liked by the kids like tattoos, masks, tazo, cricket bats etc. hence products that have such offers sell more than the other brand available.

Ruffles lays, get free Tazo,Rasna, get free Prankies

Continuity/frequency Programmes

In recent years, one of the most popular sales promotion techniques among consumers has been “frequency Programmes”. The main objective of such Programmes is encouraging repeat purchases or repeated visits to particular retail shops. Frequency Programmes offer consumers discounts or free product rewards for repeat purchase or patronage of the same brand or company.

Shoppers stop started the “First Citizens’ Club” and enrolled customers as ‘members’ of the shoppers club by charging a fee of Rs.150. The customers were entitled to a variety of benefits by collecting points.

Brand placement

Brand placement often referred to, as product placement is the sales promotions technique of getting a marketer’s brand featured in movies and television shows. The use of a brand by actors and actresses or the mere association of the brand with a popular film/ television show can create a positive image and have a huge impact on the sales of a brand.

Coke in Yaadein , Pepsi in Khushi, ICICI Bank in Baghbaan

Event sponsorship

When a firm sponsors or co-sponsors an event such as a rock concert, a cricket match, etc. the brand featured in an event immediately gains credibility with the event audience. The audience attending an event already has a positive attitude and affinity for the contest that they choose to attend. When this audience encounters a brand in this very favourable reception environment, the brand benefits from the already favourable audience attitude.

Samsung & LG keep sponsoring cricket matches.

Exchange offers

Consumer durables market is the one where exchange offers are used the most. Almost all the TVs, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, etc. have exchange offers.

Samsung – On exchanging old TV for a new Samsung Plano, upto Rs. 5000 off.

On exchanging old TV for a new Samsung Hitron Digital, upto Rs. 3000 off.

On exchanging old refrigerator for a new Samsung refrigerator, upto Rs. 8000 off.

Internet promotions

They are the most recent form of sales promotions. They are promotions that are done via the Internet. It is becoming increasingly popular because of the large use of Internet. But still it has a lot to develop. everyday offers some or the other discounts.

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