Popular Questions asked at some premium business schools

There are different Institutions that have different ways and different questions to ask. Normaly the kind of questions asked in an interview depend on the openings available at the company. Different interview questions give a different view about the individual.

You may find some frequently asked Interview Questions that are often asked  by companies visiting some premium business schools in India.

Interview Questions asked by few Financial Institutions in some premium business schools


  • Tell me something about yourself which is not mentioned in the CV. (Trust me , talk  about things  that are not mnetioned in the CV  , this is time to show what you were not able to put on CV but you would like to communicate)
  • Why should we select you?
  • If you had to get someone with you in our company, then what qualities do you think that person should possess?  (Don’t name that person) ( It’s always better to see if there are some people in  this organization whom you know. This will help you to get  information about what kind of people work in this organization. Read about the “Shining Stars” of the company …. Read about the CEO … and many other people who have been strongly contributing to the organization . Pick their qualities and make them yours .. “When i say make them yours, i mean … adapt it ! 🙂 “)
  • Tell me one incident where you have shown your leadership qualities.
  • What did you do in your summer internship?
  • Which other sector other than IB excites you?
  • What are the aspects that you take into account while giving credit to a Person?
  • Summarize the PPT (Power Point Presentation) shown to you .
  • What is the name of the TSS (Department) head that was mentioned in the PPT.
  • Why should you be selected?
  • What are your dream companies, name 5?
  • Are you comfortable with shifts?
  • About your previous experience?
  • A situation where you have proved your leadership skills.
  • A situation where you have goofed up with a customer, will you report this to your head?
  • What do u do when stressed.
  • Internal prospects
  • What is intellectual capital?
  • What will you look when analyzing the final statement of the company?
  • Why finance after doing so many language courses?
  • What is our company into?
  • Tell various motivation theories
  • How is sensex calculated?
  • Your role model?
  • 1 advice you have given and 1 you have received.
  • Old’s committee or 1st committee formed for working capital.
  • Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
  • Define your honesty and loyalty towards the company?
  • Explain Father’s business.
  • If you want to ask your subordinates to stay overtime, how would you do it?
  • What are your values in life?
  • Would you stay with our company?
  • How do you find future of our company?

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