Executing successful marketing segmentation process

To execute consistent segmentation is one of the most important part of segmentation process for the company, in turn your brand. By answering the following questions you can have successful execution of segmentation process.

Consistent Consumer Segmentation Execution

  • What is your current segmentation approach and model?
  • Do you leverage different segmentation type – value, behavior and needs – based segmentation – in conjunction?
  • Do you understand how the segmentation aligns with your strategy and value creation?
  • Are you refreshing your sight on regular basis, to reflect changing customer needs and feedback?
  • Do you have the right segmentation skills and modeling tools in place?
  • Are you able to create an integrated view for customers that incorporate all relevant customer data?
  • Do you have the analytic capability to translate customer segmentation into actionable elements with predictable outcomes?
  • Do you design and deliver a segmented experience along the entire customer lifecycle?
  • Who owns segmentation activities? How are other departments involved?
  • Do your frontline employees understand your segmentation model and how to treat individual segments?

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