While Handling Teams – Management Tip

While Handeling Teams – Management Tip
Team Handling a critical aspect of business success

Each personals skills are unique – Management tip

Each person is individual, has unique skill set for which he was ether hired or has evolved. These individuals when come together they form a team. The team members don’t need to see eye-to-eye on every issue. But unhealthy conflicts can arise and lead to misunderstanding. Misunderstanding each others’ skills lead to conflict. For example, when a team member is overlooked for a roll he thinks he is most qualified to do. Hence here are three ways to prevent this sort of disagreement:

Be ware of perceptions

Know that people will always hold varying opinions of each other’s expertise. Being sensitive to this may help you avoid conflict.

Communicate your rationale

When assigning a task or asking someone’s advice be explicit about why : “I’m asking for your inputs because of your knowledge about X.” Expressing your thinking may keep people from feeling slighted.

Encourage people to speak up

Tell people that they should ask more and more questions, else some one else gets an assignment they thought were better suited for.

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