The Four Observations of an Extraordinary Executive

The Four Disciplines

Discipline 1: To build and maintain a cohesive Leadership Team

Discipline 2: To create organizational clarity


Discipline 3: To over communicate organizational clarity

Discipline 4: To reinforce organizational clarity through human systems

Discipline One

According to Author

  • Cohesive teams are efficient
  • More quick decisions
  • Spend less time worrying
  • Nature of meeting – passionate, intense, exhausting and never boring.
  • There are forums
  • Members accountable for there behavior

Discipline Two

Author feels…

The mission statement should properly convey- mission, vision, strategies, values and fundamentals of organization.

This then needs

  • To be coined in uncomplicated and simple vocabulary
  • Should be driven regularly into every employee

A continuous reminder as it is was so that the focus  and direction are never lost
This would empower employees with true sense of confidence

How to achieve clarity?

  • Why does organization exist, and what difference it makes to the world?
  • What behavioral values are irreplaceable and fundamental?
  • What business are we in and against whom do we compete?
  • How does our approach differ from them?
  • Who has to do what for us so as to make us achieve our goals this month, quarterly, yearly?

The key to achieve organizational clarity is focusing on these questions

According to author

1. This is most simplest among the four but most of the time under achieved.

2. Best way is following these three most critical practices …


Discipline Four

According to author…

Over communicating along can not maintain organizational clarity.It needs to build a sense of clarity that thrusts human behavior into the fabric of organization through process and system.

According to author…

  1. The organizations that use human system properly maintain its identity and sense of direction even during times of change.

While hiring apart form the job skills it is important that fundamental values of company match to that of the candidate.

Performance Management:
comunication & allignment form the key to performance management

Performance Management:

Subjectivity & Capriciousness Have To Be Kept Out With This The Organization Wont Deviate Organizational Clarity


Should be done strictly by sticking to the framework of guidelines and values laid down by the organization.

Author stress on Two things…

  • There is nothing more important than making an organization healthy.
  • “No personal charisma can make up for an inability to identify a few simple things and stick to them over time ”

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