Myths of Sales Management – Morale Will Improve When Sales Go Up

Myth #4: Morale Will Improve When Sales Go Up

Why It’s a Myth: Morale will improve when sales go up. Managers often believe that increased sale will result in higher morale, ignoring the fact that low morale makes it difficult, and even impossible, to increase sales. What results is a classic “chicken or egg” situation where everyone’s waiting for things to improve, with decreasing hope that they actually will.

Why It’s Believed: When sales are bad, an atmosphere of doom and gloom can easily descend upon an organization.  People start railing against the economy, the competition, management, or whatever exterior elements that can be blamed for failure.

The Real Truth: Morale improves when employees believe sales will improve. To create this belief managers must: 1) present a clear vision of the future, 2) have the sales team make the reality check that the vision will work and will benefit each team member, and 3) refine the vision into a practical set of steps that everyone agrees are achievable. Note: this initiative must have an upper management champion or it will die on the vine.

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