Aircel- A wonderful campaign story

It’s a wonderful story, some thing that was intentionally done to bring the brand “Aircel” intentionally In News for all good reasons. This brand positions it self with a tag line – “Your World of possibilities”

IT all started when Aircel decide to put a ad in  “Milan Subway” – one of the areas that experience water logging due to high tied and heavy rain out here in Mumbai.  SO what did Aircel do?

They did put up an advertisement there that says “In case of emergency cut rope”. A rope that was holding a Aircel Boat. Soon history repeated it self and the subway experienced water logging and was difficult for people to cross the subway.  As that water was full and people were not able to cross the subway things interestingly were in favour of this brand called Aircel which is new and is facing completion with giants like Airtel Bharti, Vodafone etc.

The pictures attached will explain one of the most successful ad campaigns in Indian history. At least I feel so. What a Brand what a Campaign.  

“It will run shiver down ur spine”  Have a look .



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