Writing strategy while using copywriting


Creativity is of paramount importance in initiating the process of writing a copy, especially in evolving the basic approach. At the same time, creative ardour has to be combined with purposeful thinking. Such thinking should, in fact, help in capitalizing effectively on the full creative potential.

The following phases of purposeful thinking have been envisaged

  • Abstracting: Relevant data are obtained from the market situation, prospects and relevant media.
  • Synthesizing: Elements are blended and combined, ideas and approaches accepted, rejected, revised.
  • Hypothesizing: Ideas formulated into experimental pattern culminating in a working statement.
  • Gestation: Objections and difficulties resolved. Many involve  discussion with others or reference to sources of information.
  • Coalescence:  Decisions are made for transference of ideation to physical expression, i.e. writing.
  • Performance: Action is taken in the form of actual writing.

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