Why brands need to be at the forefront of social change

Few would argue against the need for corporates to embrace social responsibility, a subject discussed at length over the last several years. Why raise it again? Because, for the most part, CSR has not been integrated into doing business – these are usually two separate activities. In this context,  sharing with you  Hindustan Lever’s core belief:

We believe that bringing social responsibility to the heart of our business requires putting brands at the forefront of this effort. Why? It is because brands are at the heart of our business. It is through our brands that we engage with and build relationships with our consumers and communities.

Further, we will retain consumers’ trust by understanding not only their needs but also their concerns as citizens. People are becoming more concerned about what goes into the products they buy, where they are made, and what the working conditions are of the people who make them.

Research by Globe Scan in 23 countries shows that 60 per cent of consumers take social and environmental facts into account when choosing a brand. In some countries, as many as 80 per cent or more of consumers do so. Increasingly, consumers will choose a brand that resonates with their hopes and concerns as citizens, as well as their desires and needs as consumers.

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