What if you are highly commoditised not highly branded

After the commodity continuum article, I got many queries on what if you fall on the highly commodities continuum. Then what?

if you fall on the highly commoditised end of the continuum, branding is not necessary. What you need to do is impliment productivity improvement, cost reduction and enhancement programmes. You need to be ruthless in timing every gram of fat from your organization to survive. You may even need to move your center of operation to low cost locations to keep cost down.

Now can a highly commoditised product or service be pushed into the branded half of the spectrum?

Yes, but with a great deal of difficulty. It may not be worth the time and money you will be putting in. This is a tough activity so if you are in the commodities business you can ether work hard at maintaining or even improving your cost advantage, or you can chose to give up the business altogether.

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