Elements of a Brand

Certain factors should be considered before selecting a brand name. They are as follows:

  1. Distinguish the product from competitive brands
  2. Memorable and easy to pronounce
  3. Easy to say, spell and pronounce
  4. It should allude to the product 
  5. Negative or offensive references should be avoided.
  6. Evoke positive mental image
  7. Evoke positive emotional reaction
  8. Suggest product function or benefits
  9. Simple
  10. Sound appropriate
  11. Be unique Possibly, translate well in other languages too.


The company logo is the cornerstone of the firm’s branding elements. For many firms the logo is the visual reminder of everything that the firm stands for. While a great logo won’t necessarily build the firm, it plays a vital role in representing it. Conversely, a weak or confusing logo can detract from the value that the firm brings.
Elements of a Good Logo:

  1. It has a lasting value – trendy logos don’t hold up over time.
  2. It is distinct – some amount of uniqueness, as long as it doesn’t confuse, is valuable.
  3. Appeals to your target market – if your target market is partial to blue then it doesn’t matter that you’re not.
    Supports your USP – If you are trying to communicate your low low prices then your logo should support that image
    Legible – This seems pretty obvious but many people use typefaces and images that can’t be printed or carried to a large sign. Your logo should clearly identify your company and it can’t do that if people don’t understand it.
    Nike, McDonald


Recognize the benefits of an effective jingle, slogan, character, and package design for a brand.  
Use a slogan or jingle that i.e. audible to the ear and one which is catchy. – The Doodh Doodh Ad


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