Branding Strategies for Business

An analysis of company strategies reviles six models in the management of brand- product ( or service) relationship. Each model denotes a certain role for the brad, its status as well as its relationship (nominal and/ or visual) with the products which the brand encompasses.

  1. The product brand
  2. The line Brand
  3. The range Brand
  4. The umbrella Brand
  5. The source brand
  6. The endorsing Brand

To each of these six forms of brand- product relationship we can ask another question: should the brand name be that of the company or should it be distinct from it? These six models allow us to structure the brand problem in all sectors: whether it is services, industry, consumer goods or luxury product.

These branding strategies facilitate product distinction or serve as indicators of product origin in varying degrees.

Starting tomorrow we will try to explain these strategies individually.

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