Branding Concepts

While studying brands and branding case studies will come across various terms and concepts relating to brands which most companies use in order to define their strategy for branding their product or service. Some of them are explained as below:

Brand Width: It is the extension of the brand outside its original product category.

Brand Length: It is the brand’s franchise in terms of age groups, consumer types and international appeal.

Brand Depth: It is the brand’s ability to create consumer loyalty by offering variants in each element in the brand length.

Brand Weight: It is the influence of the brand in its category or market.

The Brand: Suzuki

Brand Width: Motorcycles, 4 wheel drive automobiles, Sport and Utility automobiles, Small engine parts, outboard motors and marine products.

Brand Length: Motorcycles – Swift, Samurai, Sidekick etc.

Brand Depth: Swift – Chevy Sprint, Geo Metro (Variations of the Swift, Essentially the same Swift motorcycle.)

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