Brand Performance – How Apple has it in its DNA

Brand Performance – How Apple has it in its DNA

In terms of brand performance, I think Apple has set the highest benchmark for others to follow. Their products are of very high quality offering very good options, ease of use and beautiful designs. This is the reason that they charge a premium for their products. In regards to the basic functions, I think that Apple products are in line with its competitors. But when it comes to supplementary features, I think Apple has gone many steps ahead and has provided users with something revolutionary every time. Apple does one thing very well: making complex things easy and elegant. The iPod is successful because it makes getting your music into your pocket dead simple. Apple took existing MP3 player designs and applied their experience and technology to improve it. Plug your iPod in its cradle and it takes care of moving your music to your iPod, organized the same way it is on your computer. You’re done (and your iPod is charged at the same time – bonus!) Other MP3players are still trying to catch up with this elegant brilliance. On the other hand, Apple’s Newton tried to carve out a whole new category – Portable Digital Assistants – and failed miserably. This shows that it doesn’t always work for Apple.

In terms of reliability, durability and serviceability, I think there isn’tany company even close to the level of Apple. Not only are Apple products technologically superior in my view, they’re also very reliable. I’ve heard and experienced almost no issues when it came to Apple products. The performance of Apple products, have been very consistent over long periods. Even in terms of durability, the first PC which my father bought for me still works the way it did 13 years ago, is a standing testament to Apple’s promise of long lasting happiness.

Apple’s service is a hallmark of excellence. The service is fantastic from the time the problem is reported to the time it is solved and delivered to your doorstep. The servicing takes very less time as compared to other players in the market. If Apple can’t fix their product, they give you a new one for free without thinking twice. This shows how much they care about the customer.

Apple styling and design is something that sets it completely apart from its rivals. That’s why it’s said that the artsy type always own an Apple. The design is not only eye catching, it’s also very practical. This can be seen in the finish, the way the logo is presented on their product especially on their laptops (The beautiful Blue pulsating logo). The symbol with a bite taken out of it is simple and memorable. The bite makes a suggestion to the apple in the Garden of Eden implying that Apple products are irresistible and tempting. The logo incorporates multi-colour (rainbow) that signifies diversity showing that Apple celebrates diverse experiences and backgrounds. The implication here is that Apple is inclusive, not exclusive. Their products are light weight, sleek and strong which are very desirable features of consumer products.

It’s said that buying an Apple is worth every penny. But I think that they can still do more when it comes to pricing. The segment they’re targeting will look for sophistication and something new, but it might not always be accessible to them price wise. Apple products keep changing and hence this keeps the price range over the years on the same levels. This does get frustrating for me especially when the product is just a little beyond my price range at some points of time. I think Apple should also continue producing and selling their older products at cheaper prices. This will help it become more accessible to a wider segment and fan base. Apple’s products being premium priced will definitely get affected by negative market conditions and therefore Apple needs to be adaptable in such situations. Apple needs to re-think its long term strategy and business model in line of a changing computer industry, the gradual decline of the MP3 player market and the increase in competition from smartphone competitors like Nokia. Apple will have to quickly and rapidly exploit its dynamic capabilities and change its objectives, strategy and business models while still operating in a position of strength. Apple can no longer depend on the PC market and will need to strengthen its iTunes and iPhone product offering.

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