Brand Judgements with context to Brand APPLE

 Brand Judgements with context to Brand APPLE

Brand Judgements:

Lets look at this from the following points of view: Brand quality: According to me, an Apple customer will mostly conclude that Apple products exude quality which is actually what you would normally identify a German product with. Apples perceived quality can actually be higher than it really is. This adds a lot to its brand equity. This is because the customers rate the quality on the basis of the experience rather than the product only.

Brand credibility:

Apple is one of the most trusted brands in the world. Being innovative is its core competency and it has definitely caught the attention of the customer. Apple develops products based on customer inputs and keeps customers interest in the top of the list while designing its products. The entire Apple experience makes customers come back again and again. This shows that Apple enjoys high levels of likeability among its customers. This is mainly due to the experience Apple provides its customers rather than the product only.

Brand Consideration:

Apple as a brand is very close to its customers and has been able togive them what they want with very close accuracy. This has created a high level of consideration for the brand with the customers. I consider the brand first while contemplating to buy something from the product range because of the brand image that it has created over the years. The customers of Apple products don’t only go to look at them but also have strong considerations of actually buying the products.

Brand Superiority:

Apple as a brand and a “total experience” is much superior to its rivals. The products are superior technologically as well as aesthetically. The brand does have the image of being a premium product. The fact that it is user-friendly shows how advanced Apple is. Apple have taken their products to new heights every time. This shows the brand superiority of Apple especially in terms of technology. The price band also create a perception among customers that the brand is superior.

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