Brand Image and Punchlines that make brands communicate value

The brand image has been defined as “The characteristics and attributes perceived of a brand by a customer”. Every customer would have a different perception about the brand this is why understanding brand image becomes equally important and is an integral part of a .brand building strategy.  Its about the ease by which the customers can relate with the products and in turn brands that are available in the gamut of “Me too Products”.

The beliefs, the characteristics, the values are the ones that an individual finds in people around him that helps him to relates with the individual and hence feels comfortable with him. This is what happens with Brands and Humans.

Thought brands don’t speak and don’t breath like we human do but still then send those eternal vibes to people who love them to such an extent that they don’t feel like picking any thing else. WOW! That’s a feeling that brings proud among brand managers and brand lovers like me.

Brand managers don’t leave any possible way of influencing the customers so that they just pick them up. One of those lovely ways is _ Punchlines! Yes, thrust me punchlines are one of the ultimate weapons against the competitor brands available and intending to get your mind share.

My personal belief is that for services that are brands its more important to be very very appealing so that the right emotional code is tinkled in hearts of consumers / customers.  Like ICICI Lombard ( Life Insurance company here in India ) says – Jeete Raho! .

Jeete Raho!  That says stay alive for ever is a custom here in India so elders bless there loved once by blessing – “Jeete Raho!” . The company has been successful in communication this punchline and tinkling the sight emotional cord.

The formation of a punchline is a strategic decision that brands arrive at after a detailed analysis of there competitors there brands value there brands perception and many other factors.  Like the famous – Wah Taj !  Punchline for the taj tea communicates that the moment u sip a sip u just cant stop your self from saying it out – Wah Taj !   

Now the company may like to communicate it in a better way by communication it through there brand ambassadors as they endorse the brand. Like Taj tea selected Saif Ali Khan as the brand Ambassador as he gives a fresh feeling on screen.

There are certain things that should be kept in mind while selecting a punchline –

   1. Don’t make it to long that people can’t remember it.
   2. Just be sure it communicates your USP to certain extent.
   3. the punch line should have the “Punch” – should emotional as emotional marketing is the key.
   4. Just see if u can strike your competitors out with the punchline. 

These are just few factors that can help you arrive at a better punchline that is in line with your brands Value, Brand Image,  increase brand awareness , and increase Brand Equity .

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