Brand Feelings reflected by Brand APPLE

Brand Feelings reflected by Brand APPLE

The Apple brand radiates feelings of fun, excitement and pride. People who own Apple products always look forward to using them with a lot of enthusiasm. The brand through its advertising has created an image of being diverse and colourful. This has been deeply etched in the minds of the customer. The Apple brand is synonymous with creativity and creativity is directly linked to fun and excitement. The Apple experience brings about feelings of fun and excitement to its customers. Lets take one of their advertisements for example. When the ipod was launched, it was a hit with celebrities and technical writers. But many consumers were under the impression that it was a sophisticated device for tech fans rather than the average music lover. The ad agency Apple hired and Apple itself set a goal to “create a campaign that extended ipods relevance to more music lovers and told the world this wasn’t just a tech-gadget available to few, but was also the icon that stood for a new experience with music.

The marketing effort was designed to appeal to Mac fans as well as people who had not used Apple products in the past. The Silhouettes campaign ran all over the world, so the message had to be simple enough to work across culture. The ads also had to portray the iPod as cool, but not so cool as to be beyond the reach of anyone who enjoyed music. The idea behind the campaign was that the Ipod was a passport to enjoying music whenever and wherever a consumer wanted. Text with ads, such as “iPod. Welcome to the digital music revolution. 10,000 songs in your pocket. Mac or OC” told the story of the iPods capabilities in a simple, appealing way. And the concept of 10,000 songs was designed to appeal to consumer markets like Japan, where other min-disk players with less capacity crowded the market.

The top markets for digital music were picked based on their role as influencers for youth culture in their regions. Apples campaign strategically targeted a handful of big cities such as San Francisco and Shanghai and used them as the focus for all media spending in that market. Those cities were flooded with iPod billboards, bus posters, print ads and TV commercials that were intended to spread the message “iPod is everywhere”. Silhouettes television commercials featured people in silhouettes listening to iPods and dancing in front of neon backgrounds. Songs in the ads included U2’s “Vertigo” and Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”. Similar images of people dancing were used for the print ads, billboards and posters. This showcased the fun side of Apple. Other products like the Macbook and iPhone portray sophistication and pride. These are bought at a premium and hence the owner has a sense of pride.

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