Brand Dell – Catagory Sales leadership

Brand Dell  – Catagory Sales leadership Example

Dell was the No. 1 -selling PC brand in the world for many years Recently, t lost this spot to Hewlett-Packard (HP) HP can now claim to be the No 1 brand in computers. But all is not lost for Dell. Since the day it started in 1984, it has never lost its footing in the category it pioneered — PCs sold direct. It can still claim to be the No. 1 brand here and we think it should It will remind people why Dell has been so successful for so long. That status could be even more powerful than HP’s HP only became No 1 recently. Dell has been first in its category since the day it was born. To be able to tout that is to be able to say to the world, ‘We are the No. 1 brand in PCs sold direct to end-users like you and we have been unbeaten since I 984 That is a long, long time to be No. 1 in this business. And that is why you should buy from us.” So HP can claim to be No 1 In PCs but Dell can also claim to be No. 1 It is No. 1 In PCs Direct.

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