Brand BlackBerry Catagory Sales leadership Example

Brand BlackBerry Catagory Sales leadership Example

BlackBerry is not the No. 1 computer in the world. That is HP. It is also not the No. 1 phone in the world, That is Nokia. But BlackBerry can claim sales leadership in the category called portable e-mail. That is what a BlackBerry is: A portable e-mail device Sure, you can make calls using your BlackBerry but the overriding reason to buy one is to use it to send and receive e-mails while you are on the go.

That is a powerful differentiator for BlackBerry — one it is not asserting at the moment. The competition is keener than ever. Nokia, 02, Dopod, Samsung and Sony Ericsson have all come up with their own mobile e-mail devices.

It is easy for people to forget if you do not remind them constantly of your differentiating idea. Consumers already have so many things vying for their attention. The average person is bombarded with 246 marketing messages every day, according to the book, The Rise Of PR And The Fall Of Advertising by Al and Laura Ries. That was in 2000. We are quite sure that number has risen substantially since. So, in order for BlackBerry to differentiate itself, it could claim sales leadership in its category. BlackBerry could claim to be No, 1 In Smart Phones or No. 1 In PDA Phones or No. 1 In Portable E-mail. By consistently doing this, BB will continue to strengthen its position in this category.

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