Brand Association – A Brand Building Concept

The association’s consumers make with brand support brand equity. These associations may include product attributes, a celebrity spokesperson or a symbol.

Brand associations are driven by brand identity-what the organization wants the brand to stand for in the consumers mind. A key to brand building then is to develop and implement brand identity

One key to successful brand building is to develop a brand identity– to know what the brand stands for and to effectively express that identity.

Hyundai Santro has clearly positioned itself as the “sunshine” car and endorsed Preity Zinta known for her bubbly personality to match their positioning statement.

Invariably all brands come to acquire a meaning in the mind of the customer. Customers associate different dimensions of the product including its use and use situations to the brands. Brand association, therefore, is anything linked to the memory of a brand. Thus a jingle like “Happy days are here again” has been associated in the customer’s mind with Thumps Up. Surf is linked with the economy-minded middle class housewife- “Lalitaji” – in the advertisements.

The name Tata is associated with quality. It is important to know how strong this association is and for a family name like this, which are the products with which this association is the strongest.

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