Apple's Brand image – What the Brand Iphone Ipad Imac and MacBook stand for

Take one look atSteve Jobs and Jonathan Ive , and you will know what kind of personality Apple has. Cool. Yes, Apple is all about cool. It makes cool products that are red-hot on the sales charts. The iPod looks cool. The iMac looks cool. The Macbook notebook ( oops! Should not call it as a notebook it’s so freaky cool that I feel it offends ). The revolutionary Iphone3g, probably has a higher cool quotient than all the other Apple products combined. The iPad that I am using to write this articles is the coolest – i feel. It’s just awesome. And what more …. There you go … The all new iphone4.

Apples cool personality extends to every thing it does. It is 360 degrees. That level of consistency is very impressive. One of the rules of branding is “consistency”. You need to be consistent. Its not easy it’s boring. But it’s absolutely necessary. Apple has a consistency that runs through the entire organization. It is cool from top down and inside out. 365 days of the year.

The other thing about being cool is that you must never claim to be cool. Only people who are not cool will say they are cool.  And you can not try too hard to be cool. You either are or you are not. When you try too hard to be cool you will just come across as ridiculous and lacking in credibility. Remember when you were growing up? There were cool kids in school and there were those who tried so hard to be cool that it was painful to watch.

If you want to differentiate your brand based on cool personality, the first thing you need to do is to take a long, hard look at your company and it’s people. Do you have Steve Jobs type? if you do not, then forget about being cool. There are very few brands that can be differentiated based on a cool personality. Apple is one of them. Google and playstation
 are another two.

Can industrial product be differentiated based on cool personality? I do not know because nobody has tried. If you have an industrial product and would like to differentiate it by giving a cool personality, please give me a call. I am very interested in finding out if something like a forklift or a metal stamping machine can be differentiated using cool personality. I am not very optimistic but again, there is always a first time for everything.


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